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  • The best method to clean a table saw blade is to spray it  with an oven cleaner.  Let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse with running water, dry and you have a saw blade like new.  It works.  Willy read this many moons ago, can't remember where.   

  • If you are tired of having your valuable work bench get covered with glue drips and smudges every time you work on project.  Try this.  Cover the bench with a sheet of mylar.  Good old glue won't stick to it.   Willy-Ottawa, Ontario.

Your Kitchen Cupboards may look old, ugly and worn. You wish to chuck'em out and buy those expensive new ones.  Don't!  in many cases those old cupboard were much better made than the run of the mill stuff we find these days.

If it is the inside or the layout of the cupboards that is the source of aggravation then chuck'em if not consider replacing the doors and the hardware for an amazing face lift. 

You may save yourself a ton of Money.

  • The Ottawa region had a nice early spring a few years back. So my wife and I got a bit optimistic and planted our annual flowers early.  Well we spent the whole month of May covering those flowers at night and uncovering them in the day time.  Hey,  this is still Canada global warming or not.  Avoid the temptation you'll save yourself a lot of time and energy.

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