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What is 'Series Limit'?

We  will only produce the item in quantities shown.  For example Series Limit:100 means only 100 of the item, set or group will be produced.

Each item is shipped with an authenticity certificate carrying the series number, dated and signed by the craftsman. 

Also each item is dated, carries a serial # and hand signed by the craftsman.

Can I order an item after the Series Limit is Reached?

The answer is NO.   We warrant not to re-produce the item, the set or the group after the series expires.  However,  we reserve the right to cancel the series or stop it short of the series limit.  We also reserve the right to re-design and republish the re-designed item. 

How to Order?

  • Send us an e-mail indicating the item(s)  ID(s)  you are interested in. 

  • Please provide your location (city/province) or (city/state) so we could determine the currency and shipping cost.

  • We will e-mail back our quotation showing shipping and insurance cost seperatetly. 

  • Please note shipment will not be made until payment is received in full.

Note:  (Delivery or pick-up could be arranged in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, Ontario, Canada)

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